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What is Tai Yi Tai Chi

Taoist Tai Yi Tai Chi is one of the most popular courses offered in Kung Fu Republic. There are many different styles of Tai Chi you can learn. Master Wang's read more


What is Wu Dang Tai Chi

The Chinese Wushu has a very long history so no one can pinpoint where every single style originated. For instance, the eight-diagram palm was concocted by Dong Hai Chuan which was later passed on to Bi Cheng qie (a Red Lotus Taoist) and Guo Yuanji (an Iron Cap Taoist) but no one knows whether the two successors had any students themselves.   A lyric from the 51st Division Headquarter of the Kuomin Tang ....

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What is Praying Mantis

History records that Wang was the primary teacher of the so-called higher level of Kung Fu art called the praying mantis. He taught this to a number of monks at the Shaolin Temple for many generations but as time went on, the art has evolved and more improvements were created by the very monks that learned the original technique.   Sheng Xiao Dao Ren, a traveling Taoist, onc....

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History of Kung Fu

There are many known fighting styles for Kung Fu that have been created over the centuries. The term itself means a skill achieved through hard labor over time. Whether classical or traditional, both are considered arts even before the beginnings of the People’s Republic of China.   The martial arts of the said Republic is called read more


Benefit of Learning Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a combination of different techniques of traditional Chinese martial arts. Different people are interested in Kung Fu for different reasons such as self defense and others. This is not limited to age b....

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