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Chinese Tea Culture in Australia

Tea in different grade of fermentation

The Chinese people value tea and they consider it as one of the seven necessities that one needs in life. As a Kung Fu school who involves much in Chinese culture, our school offers Chinese tea and tools in Sydney for anyone that is interested. View our products below and contact us for any enquiry.


People take tea even after having a simple dinner and this goes to show how important it is to them. This is why you will find tea houses set up in very many business districts and neighborhoods. These Chinese-style tea houses have lots of varieties when it comes to tea concoctions whether hot or cold. They have also come up with the idea of selling tea friendly or tea related snacks. Lots of different people usually go to these houses such as students, business people or even those who just want somewhere to spend the night.


These tea houses are different. There are formal tea houses where Chinese tea leaves are provided, tea accoutrements and the snack food is of a higher class.  There are also tea vendors who sell tea leaves, pots and other things related to tea.


What the Chinese people value so much in tea is the taste. This is how they will know whether the tea is good or bad. They say that when you are tasting tea then you are able to free your mind and meditate without interruption especially if you are in a quiet place like a garden. This helps you improve your mental health and have a greater appreciation for beauty.


Drinking tea and tasting tea are two different things to a Chinese. To them, people drink tea for tonic effect and refreshment. Tea tasting on the other hand has a cultural meaning. According to their culture, the tea and the tea wares should be in accordance with the surrounding elements like the pines, plums and snow. This is because it makes human beings to be one with nature.

 Chinese Tea and Teapot

The Chinese use tea to show their visitors that they are welcomed in their homes. When you visit a Chinese then he or she will ask you about your choice of tea then he or she will go ahead to prepare it and serve it using the best tea set available.  He or she will then invite you to taste the tea before he or she joins you in taking it. The tea is also kept in a proper temperature and other things such as candies and cookies can be offered to you as you take your tea. It is a good culture that promotes love and hospitality.  Although this was originally only enjoyed in china, today there is the Chinese tea culture in Australia too and so you shouldn’t be left out.


There are different tea drinking habits in china. For example the people in northern china prefer scented tea, the ones in eastern china like green tea while those in Fujian and Guangdong like black tea. Due to the fact that people have different tastes, the Chinese tea culture in Australia has been developed and it ensures that you get the type of tea you like.


Chinese tea has gained popularity because it is very different from the others and great care is taken when making it. You can enjoy the Chinese tea culture in Australia. Due to advancement in technology, you are now able to order your Chinese tea online so you don’t miss your favorite cup of tea.


Here are some of the products we carry:


Here are some of the products we carry:


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