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Chinese Kickboxing Classes



There are different types of martial arts and one of them is Chinese kickboxing. It can simply be referred to as the type of martial art that is swift and destructive. It’s known as San Shou. There are different places where you can enjoy Chinese kickboxing and Sydney is one of them. You can enroll for the classes at the Kung Fu Republic Academy. Chinese kickboxing is very versatile and when doing this you have to use a lot of striking and take down maneuvers. This is one of the reasons that this type of martial arts is popular.



Chinese kickboxing is very versatile and when doing this you have to use a lot of striking and take down maneuvers.


Origin of Chinese Kickboxing


Another name that it is known by is, San Da which is what people mostly refer to it nowadays. This term was used long ago during the time that the shaolin monks used the bare-handed matches that allowed full contact.It was created during the time that Korean War took place when the American forces were fighting with the Chinese military and defeating them.The American forces were superior and fighting in close combat. The Chinese army faced defeat many times when fighting with the soviet troops over border conflicts.


This is the time that the Chinese government came up with the idea of bringing the different masters of the various Kung Fu styles in order to organize a type of martial arts that consisted of the strongest moves found in Chinese martial arts. These moves were also practical. This was when the first manual of San Shou was printed and made official. This was in 1963.


Chinese kickboxing was divided in to two at that time. These were military and sport.Although it was originally formed for military purposes, it reached a time that it was changed to become a sport known as San Shou.



How to Practice Chinese Kickboxing


Chinese kickboxing practiced in Sydney can be used for close combat self defense. It includes:


  • Kicks known as Ti
  • Throwing known as Shuai
  • Striking using any part of your hand or arm and this is known as Da
  • Locking or chocking known as Na.


Your aim should be to put your opponent on the floor. You should try to remain upright when doing this.


When doing San Shou as a sport, you are not allowed to do some things such as grappling, breaks, joint manipulations or chocking.What guarantees you a win in this sport is if you accumulate points for doing things like throws, landing blows and other techniques that are allowed within the San Shou rules. Another alternative is to knock your opponent out which you are taught if you enroll for the Chinese kickboxing classes in Sydney.


There are times when the fights take place on raised platform known as lei tai. In this case, you have to throw your opponent from the platform in order to be declared the winner.


When you look at Chinese kickboxing as a form of self defense, it is very practical.When faced with a dangerous situation you are able to knock down your attacker without going down yourself. This is a skill that most sports do not put emphasis on and so it makes Chinese kickboxing unique.


Contact us or visit our kung fu school in Sydney to enrol in our Chinese kickboxing class now.