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Kung Fu Republic

Founded at Sydney NSW Australia in 2000, it was named as “Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy“. As a Kung Fu School that lasted more than a decade until today, the school was renamed to “Kung Fu Republic“.Master Wang Yunkuo is the founder and trainer.



Kung Fu Republic Logo


Kung Fu Republic is a martial arts school, offering various kind of Kung Fu courses in Sydney. One of the most popular course includes Kung Fu (also known as Chinese Kung Fu or Wu Shu) for kids and adults with different levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Other courses also include kickboxing, Tai Chi, Self defense (also called Chin Na or Grappling).




As a established martial arts academy, Kung Fu Republic also offers special courses, like weapons training, Tai Chi ball training, Iron Palm training, Pushing Hands training, Tao Meditation. To learn a complete set of martial arts, we provide one unique course named “Nine Pillars Fighting Method” which cannot be found elsewhere.


You can learn all kinds of martial arts or fighting technique in Kung Fu Republic:


– If you want to learn a general martial arts, join our Kung Fu course for basic steps and tactics. Your curiosity for chinese Kung Fu will certainly be satisfied, and you shall gain knowledge and able to decide for further specialized learning.


– To equip with the best self-defense technique for both men and women, our Chin Na or Grappling course is the one you should join. You will be able to protect yourself in any dangerous situation or fighting event.


– For more emphasis on health, nothing beats Tai Chi. We are the only school offering Tai Yi Tai Chi Chuan, a very unique ancient Tai Chi style. Play Tai Chi for a few months, there is almost a guarantee that there will be improvement in your health.


– After basic Kung Fu training, if you want to learn some specialized Kung Fu courses, Kung Fu Republic provides almost all kind of chinese martial arts. For instance, like traditional Chinese weapons training, ancient technique Praying Mantis training, the secretive Iron Arms training, relaxing Tao Meditation, and much more.


All of our courses are beneficial to your health and fitness. Shall you keep practising regularly, you will feel more energetic, healthy in both spiritual and physical way. Being an experience Kung Fu school, we receive all students regardless of their ages, levels of fitness and body size. The youngest students in our courses was 4 years old, while we have also received elderly with over 60 years old. 


Let go of your mind and routine life, reserve 1 hour a week and learn Kung Fu with us. We will ensure that you enjoy the training as much as we do!


Kung Fu Republic doesn’t only serve as a Kung Fu School, Master Wang also operates a TCM clinic, named Live Well Acupuncture & Herbal Massage Clinic, and offers a variety of TCM treatments for many years under the same address.