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What is Tai Yi Tai Chi

Taoist Tai Yi Tai Chi is one of the most popular courses offered in Kung Fu Republic. There are many different styles of Tai Chi you can learn. Master Wang‘s Tai Chi class in Sydney offers Taoist Tai Yi Tai Chi. Compared to the common Wu Dang Tai Chi, this Tai Chi form is very unique and uncommon. There are people coming to Kung Fu Republic in Sydney, specially to learn from Master Wang.


The Origin of Tai Yi Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient martial arts form. It is widely believed that it was created by the Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng in the 12th century, knowing as “Wu Dang Tai Chi“. Thus, Tai Chi has influences that was imposed by Taoist and Buddhist monasteries.


Through oral history, Taoist Tai Yi Tai Chi Chuan was founded by a Taoist priest in the Chinese Song Dynasty. It had not been publicized broadly, and it was kept secretly with only one successor in each generation among Taoists. During the chaos of wars period, the Dao Guan (meaning Taoist Temple) was destroyed, and the Taoist priest who mastered Tai Yi Tai Chi Chuan was badly hurt. He was then rescued by a Kung Fu Master whose last name was Wang. Wanting to repay his kindness, the Taoist priest decided to teach and pass Taoist Tai Yi Tai Chi Chuan to Master Wang.


Since then, Tai Yi Tai Chi Chuan was carried by Family Wang.


What Does “Tai Yi” Means

Taoist Tai Yi Tai Chi Chuan was invented based on Tai Chi principles and followed the directions provided by the Nine Halls Diagram.


Tai Chi Nine Hall Diagram

Nine Hall Diagram

The Nine Halls Diagram (refer to the left image) is an ancient Chinese diagram that mystically connected with the movement of the seven starts of Beidou, the Northern Ladle (Big Dipper) plus two secret “companions” to the penultimate star of the handle. According to the legend, Tai Yi is the Deity of North Pole and it takes one year for the stars of Beidou moves around Tai Yi.


Tai Yi moves in the directions of Eight Trigrams (Ba Gua, refer to the image below) and rests in the central hall. The eight Trigrams and the central hall are called Nine Halls.


Tai Chi Eight Trigrams

Eight Trigrams

In the Nine Halls Diagram, you can see Tai Yi starts from central hall where yin interplays with yang (No. 5, Hall of Purple). It then goes to Hall of Kan (No. 1, Yang). Followed by Hall of Kun (No. 2, Yin) and Hall of Chen (No. 3, Yang). According to the order, next is Hall of Sun (No. 4, Yin) and go back to rest at Hall of Purple. Subsequently, it travels to Hall of Chien (No. 6, Yang), Hall of Tui (No. 7, Yin), Hall of Ken (No. 8, Yang), then Hall of Li (No. 9, Yin). Finally, it returns to the Hall of centre again to mark the completion of the whole cycle.



What Makes Tai Yi Tai Chi Different

Tai Yi Tai Chi was invented following the route of Nine Halls Diagram. This movement is an interplay of yin and yang, which are two opposite yet complementary forces in the universe.


taiji picture


Imagine Tai Chi is a symbolically roundness dividing into two halves. Half is yin and the other half is yang. yin cannot separate from its complementary part of yang, and vice versa. Only when yin and yang are complementing with each other, one shall reach balanced as a whole harmoniously. Roundness is the key in all your movements when practising Tai Yi Tai Chi. Your body movement shall follow different curves that are continuous, circular and unending. One easy way to visualize is to think of a reeling silk thread from a cocoon.


Your upper body need to be moved in full roundness and your lower body in half circle. When you practise Tai Chi, it is important to keep in mind that, always keeps your leg firmly grounded and well rooted.


The history of Taoist Tai Yi Tai Chi can be traced back to a millennium ago, where it was passed down through thirty-one generations to nowadays. With a long history of development, this Tai Chi form differentiates itself from other modern popular Tai Chi styles in unique features and characteristics.


Join our special Taoist Tai Yi Tai Chi class and experience how special it is yourself.


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