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Hanging Baskets Skills – Diao Kuang Shu Training

Hanging baskets skills which is also known as “Diao Kuang Shu” or “Ma Lin Gong” (Dense Woods Skills) in Chinese. This is a very effective fighting technique which allows one person against multiple opponents. Master Wang Yunkuo developed different forms of Fighting Techniques.
This skill was originated from the “Beijing Huiyou Biaoju“, meaning “Beijing friends-meeting armed escorts”. In simple words, it is a skill to deal with multiple enemies from all directions during a combat.
Enjoy hanging basket skills training video in Kung Fu Republic.


How is Hanging Baskets Training like?


In this training, 4 or 8 “Kuang” (which means baskets or sacks) with different weights, hung with strings. During training, these baskets are set to swing in different unique direction.


The practitioner shall use his own body parts to hit the baskets, without getting hit by any swinging basket. Shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, palm, leg and whatever parts that could strike on the baskets. This is to simulate the combat with multiple enemies from different directions.


This training can be performed solo or in a group. There are 6 sets of training routines to be learnt. Before joining this training, the practitioner should be able to withstand strike to a certain level, and he must have an agile body forms too.


Outcome of learning Hanging Baskets Skills


Diao Kuang Shu is a superior type of self defense skill that is less common and not many people are aware of it. However, it trains one for his combat skill, especially in improving ability in free style combat.


After long term practicing, the practitioner will be able to protect himself against many opponents at the same time. Book your slot for this training in our Chinese Martial Arts school in Sydney.