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Iron Palm Training

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Iron palm which is also known as iron hand refer to training techniques found in different Chinese martial arts. These techniques aim at enabling you to give powerful blows to your opponent without injuring your hands. There are both internal and external methods of doing this. You can learn all about Iron palm training in Kung Fu Republic at Sydney. Master Wang Yunkuo has special methods for Iron palm training.


In the past any kind of major Chinese martial arts style had some iron palm training in it. This is a type of training that can benefit you if you are looking to have a powerful strike. This method takes into consideration the different aspects of the human hand. It uses both internal and external methods and helps in flesh resilience, increasing bone density and tendon strength.

What will You Learn in Iron Palm Training

Iron palm training is safe and it increases the level of sensitivity of the hands in addition to making it softer. The hands become more able to channel energy and so it becomes useful for combat and for development of healing skills. There are a lot of things that you learn under this training. Examples include:


  • How to build the Iron palm bag.
  • The two striking methods levels.
  • Breaking.
  • How to use Chi Kung and Dit Dar Jow.
  • Advanced striking techniques
  • How to apply the Iron palm during combat.
  • Control point theory
  • How to block
  • How to apply what you have learnt to specific situations.


Iron palm training has three primary components which are:


  • Making the striking limbs stronger. This is achieved by slapping or striking relatively hard objects. These objects are usually enclosed in leather bags. A traditional Chinese herb known as Dit Da Jow is usually applied on the striking surface to avoid injuries to your hands among other negative effects like arthritis.
  • Using the right technique to strike with a lot of force. You are taught to relax your body to help you move faster when striking. You conduct standing meditation to help you relax.
  • Doing Qigong exercises to help you develop qi or chi. These exercises will coordinate your breathing to help you achieve mental focus which is needed for a powerful strike.

Palm training is split into direct and indirect methods.  The direct methods require you to have direct contact with the object or surface you are hitting such as a bucket. The indirect method on the other hand involves striking bags or containers filled with different resistant substances such as sand. You can go step by step starting with something as simple as sand or beans and then moving on to harder substances like gravel or rocks. When you pass this then you can try your training with steel. You are able to measure your progress by looking at the number of strikes that you have performed successful during a training session. You can also measure it by looking at the time you have spent training.

Iron Palm Training in Kung Fu Republic

In Kung Fu Republic, Tie Sha Zhang is a skill that needs to be trained continuously in 100 days. There are 2 sessions, one in the morning, and one at night to be executed in 100 days.  Practitioners are required to immerse their hands in a medicated bath after each training session.

One is deem to accomplish the fundamental of Iron Hand if the practitioner is awakened at about 3 a.m. by pulsation at the Lao Gong Xue (Lao Gong acupuncture point, roughly at the centre of each palm). Some  can even reach this stage in about 60-70 days into training. After a hundred days, each hand would feel as heavy as if it were holding on to a hammer. By this period, practitioner should be able to smash through 3 bricks with his palms as easily as if he were chopping melons or cutting vegetables. Practitioner would then have attained the basic mastery of .  

From there on, only one training session is needed each day. You are no longer relying much on the medicated hand bath, some even can practice without it. Once you have acquired the mastery of this art, continuous training will surely increase your abilities. However, if it happens that you stops practicing after that, you will also be able to pick up rapidly once you return to training. 

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