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Pushing Hands Training


Pushing hands Kung Fu is considered to be a great way for students of internal martial arts which consist of coordination, sensitivity, leverage, positioning and reflex to understand its martial aspect. The pushing hands training basically deals with a lot of integrated movements of the skeletal muscles and various systems in the body such as the respiratory system, central nervous system and circulatory system. It is also part of the Tai Chi movement. You can have pushing hands training at Kung Fu Republic in Sydney. Master Wang Yunkuo is very experienced in pushing hands training.



The Origin of Pushing Hands


This principle of pushing hands was created between 1600 and 1680 by someone known as Chen Wangting who had the habit of hitting or crossing hands. Chen came up with the idea of pushing methods in different circumstances that is for when one has a spear and one has empty hands. There are some tai chi schools however that give credit to Zhang Sangfeng for inventing the principle of pushing hands.


Today you find that pushing hands is used in competitive Chinese martial arts. This is especially true for those that deal in internal arts. Therefore pushing hands is a sport too.



Principle of Pushing Hands


There are principles found in pushing hands which deal in both arm and footwork and which is aimed at helping one to defend himself when facing attack. Examples of these movements include p’eng which is a circular movement, Lu which is a sideways movement and chi which requires squeezing among others. There are eight of them and they are referred to as the eight gates and there are also five steps for example Chin Pu and Yun Pan among others. When put together they are called the thirteen postures. You will learn all of these when you enroll for pushing hands training in Sydney.



Training for Pushing Hands


This training consists of the rhythms and methods of breathing. This means that you are able to breathe better after these exercises in addition to the other benefits like improvement of the cardiac function and the respiratory system.


Using this kind of training, you are able to defend yourself well in case of any physical confrontation. This is because it enables you to build up strength and momentum. It also increases your flexibility.


What pushing hands does is teach your body to not resist force using force but to yield to it and then redirect it. It simply means that you learn respond to various forms of external stimuli. When you train with a partner then you get to develop your listening power known as ting jing. You become sensitive to your partner’s direction and strength. Pushing hands training in Sydney will help you to learn the principles of martial arts that deal with both defensive and offensive movements.


Pushing hands is meant to equip students with hands-on experience of the theory part of the solo forms. During training, you have to begin with basic patterns then go to patterns that have moving steps which are coordinated in various directions. You work with patterns of various heights and then got to the styles of freestyle still under push hands. By the time you are through with all the necessary techniques then you will know how to resist fighting back immediately when attacked but instead know how to use the strength of the push together with its direction to evaluate how to react.


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