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Shaolin Kung Fu Training


At Kung Fu Republic, Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most popular course that we offer. Shaolin Kung Fu is a traditional Chinese martial art. The term “Shaolin” simply suggests that this Kung Fu course is originated from the Shaolin Monastery. 

Although Wushu is a more precise and official term for Chinese martial arts, Kung Fu is another well-known terms that refer to Chinese martial arts. 

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Shaolin Kung Fu includes a wide range of Chinese martial arts. Among the more famous techniques are forms (taolu), sparring (sanda), chinese grappling (chin na), Tai Chi, Northern Fist (chang quan) , Qi gong and many other styles.

Among these techniques, Shaolin Kung Fu can be categorized into barehanded styles, short weapons and long weapons. It can be further classified based on the geographical association, such as northern or southern.

Other than these major wushu styles, there are many other wushu routines too, which may include the Monkey Fist (“houquan“), Eight-Trigrams Palm (“baguazhang“), Spring Leg (“tantui“), and many other.

What Will You Be Learning?DSC_0009

For beginner in Kung Fu, kung fu basics are the vital part of any martial arts training. Hence, we will be focusing on some conditioning exercises and flexibility training. All students will be practising the stances also, which is the fundamental posture employed in most of the Chinese martial arts.

As the training progresses, the student will be taught various kinds of general kung fu styles.Basic training also includes repeatedly performing some simple yet important kung fu movements.

After a few months of system training, students will develop strong and flexible muscle for more advanced training. At this stage, students could select a specific kung fu style and continue to be trained at the school.

Lead by skillful and experience Master Wong, Kung Fu Republic has good reputation with Shaolin kung fu training in Sydney. 

Join us now and start learning Shaolin Kung Fu with us.