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At Kung Fu Republic, SiFu Wang and his students are actively taking part in many tournaments, at state/national/international levels. With much experience and deep knowledge, Kung Fu Republic has won many awards throughout the tournaments.



Here are some awards that we won in the past:





Nelson attended round 3 and 4 tournaments of Pee Wee. 7 years and under of the NAS 2014 competition, and won 2nd places for both. He won the 2nd place on the NAS NSW state titles in October 2014. Now he is selected to represent NSW in the NAS 2014 National Championships to be held in Victoria. Go, Nelson!





At Victorian Wu Shu and Kung Fu Championship, in Oct 2013, Jesse and Dylan earned medals for Kung Fu Republic.

Jesse won 2 gold in under 12 years old San Da and 1 gold in Kung Fu form. He is indeed a Victorian Champion in San Da and Kung Fu forms. He also won 1 bronze in Long Weapon.

Jesse at Victorian Wu Shu and Kung Fu Championship 2013

Dylan won 2 silver in San Da under 8 years old. This is a picture of Jesse and Dylan with their medals. Congratulation! 

Jesse and Dylan with their medals



At the 5th World Traditional Wu Shu Championships, 5-11 Nov 2012 in Huangshan China, there were more than 5,000 Kung Fu practitioners and staffs from over 80 countries. The World Traditional Wushu Championships is held every two years since October of 2004, sponsored by the International Wushu Federation. It is currently amontht the world’s largest and most influential sports events of martial arts and is titled “Olympic of Wushu“.


Master Wang and his student won Silver Medal at the 5th World Traditional Wushu Championships.

5th world traditional wushu championship 


At Oceania Kung Fu Wu Shu Championships, 2nd Sep 2012, Kung Fu Republic students won a total of 20 Gold medals, 9 Silver medals and 7 Bronze medals.

Kung Fu Republic at Oceania Kung Fu Wushu Championships 



At Singapore International Traditional WUSHU Competition, 20-24 July 2012, Master Wang won 3 Gold medals.

 Master Wang won 3 gold medals



At Oceania Australia National Martial Art Competition, 24 Oct 2010, Kung Fu Republic and students won 9 Gold medals.

Oceania Australia National Martial Art Competition 2010Let’s congratulate the winners:

1. Derek Wu

a. Male Junior Broad Sword Event, Gold Medal
b. Male Junior Pole Event, Gold Medal
c. Male Junior Long Fist Event, Silver Medal

2. Derek Wu and Niel Song

a. Male Junior Dual Bare Hands Event, Gold Medal

3. Jesse Truong

a. Male Child Long Fist Event, Gold Medal

4. Isha Sofyan

a. Male Adult Wudang Taiyi Taichi, Gold Medal

5. Chean Lee

a. Male Adult Baji Quan Form, Gold Medal
b. Male Adult Chen Style Taichi, Bronze Medal

6. Sam Jian

a. Male Senior Adult, Wudang Taiyi Taichi, Gold Medal

7. Donna Zhang

a. Female Junior Adult, Praying Mantis Form, Gold Medal

8. Danilo Caruso

a. Men’s 71kg Sanda, Bronze Medal




At the 8th Hong Kong International Wu Shu Championship, 11-15 Mar 2010, there were close to 6800 kung fu practitioners from 28 countries joining the event. Yet, 3 students from Kung Fu Republic won major trophies.

Three Gold Medals and 3rd, 4th places8th Hong Kong International Wushu championship

Three students from Praying Mantis Kungfu Academy have won major trophies:
Sam Jian won the Tai-Chi championship
Samson Yip and Sam Jian came first in the ‘Weapons Duel”
Dean Hammerton came third in the Praying Mantis kungfu routine and forth in the Other Tai-Chi


Samson Yip and Sam Jian won in the “Weapons Duel”

Samson Yip and Sam Jian won the Weapons Duel

Samson Yip with his Gold medal

Samson Yip with gold medal

Sam Jian also won Tai Chi Championship

Sam Jian with 2 gold medals

Close up look of the Gold Medal

Closeup look of Gold Medal


Junior Team does well at the 2006 World All Styles Championships, on 30 June 2006, Gold Coast

Joanne Foo – 1st Place. Forms 12-13 (5 Kyu to Black Belt)
Benjamin Chin – 1st Place. Forms 7 and Under
Derek Wu & Neil Song- 3rd Place. Junior Demonstration
Derek Wu – 4th Place. Junior Weapons
Derek Wu – 5th Place. Forms 8-9 (5 Kyu to Black Belt)
Neil Song – 7th Place. Forms 8-9 (10-6 Kyu)



Junior Team Results 2006 NAS NSW Round 2, on 9 April 2006

Derek Wu – 1st Place. Forms 8-9 (5 Kyu to Black)
Derek Wu – 1st Place. Junior Weapons
Derek Wu & Neil Song- 1st Place. Junior Demonstration
Neil Song – 1st Place. Forms 8-9 (10-6 Kyu)
Joanne Foo – 2nd Place. Forms 12-13 (5 Kyu to Black)
Benjamin Chin – 1st Place. Forms 7 and Under