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What is Wu Dang Tai Chi

The Chinese Wushu has a very long history so no one can pinpoint where every single style originated. For instance, the eight-diagram palm was concocted by Dong Hai Chuan which was later passed on to Bi Cheng qie (a Red Lotus Taoist) and Guo Yuanji (an Iron Cap Taoist) but no one knows whether the two successors had any students themselves.


A lyric from the 51st Division Headquarter of the Kuomin Tang states that Tai Chi actually came from Wudang Mountain. The essence of Wu Dang Tai Chi is to benefit both the citizens and their nation. It is also a way to make oneself stronger.


The Wu Dang martial arts style is also called by many different names – Wu Tang, Wudang, Wudong or Wudan. It originated and evolved from the Taoist monasteries right atop the Wu Dang Mountains.


Located in Hubei Province, the Wu Dang Mountains became a home to another Kung Fu style just as the Shaolin Kung Fu took root at the Chen Buddhist monastery in Sho Shan Mountain.


Very little credit is given, though, to Taoists and their general contribution to Chinese martial arts.


The most noteworthy Taoist contribution to martial arts is the birth of Tai Chi Chuan. Its creator was Chang San Feng, a Taoist priest who sought immortality with the development of qi – better known as chi in the Western world.


Tai Chi Chuan was the internal or soft style that showed circular movements that were meant to deflect or redirect energy back to one’s opponent. This system swiftly spread throughout China and soon many other styles evolved from it such as the Wu and Woo, Chen and Yang. Bagua or Pa Kua and Xing Yi (Hsing i) were also created.


The Wu Dang Tai Chi style is a rare style of Tai Chi. It was practiced by Taoist monks and widely taught in Taoist temples and schools throughout China. This style makes use of a combination of soft and hard movements as well as a straight sword form called the Jian.


Modern-day Wu Dang Tai Chi


Wu Dang Tai Chi, also referred to as Tai Chi Quan is some sort of a complex Wushu. Creating only comes if the practitioner has a thorough understanding of change or the Yi and Boxing theories. Add to these theories the inspiration, concentration and aesthetic mood and you have the precise Wu Dang Tai Chi.


When a person is upset, it is supposedly impossible to practice Wushu, hence, Tai Chi Quan needs the most rigid conditions of mental wellness.


All schools of Wu Dang Tai Chi are derivatives of Zhang Sanfeng as people regard him as the original master of this martial art. Yet there are also those who oppose the idea, stating that the believers are merely trusting in a legend.


Even today, no one knows exactly from which generation Wu Dang Tai Chi really came from and how it has been passed to the masters of today but one thing is certain – those who practice it learn to live in serenity and peace.

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