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Here are some videos we filmed, there Kung Fu videos performed by master Wang Yunkuo and his students.
And this is also what you will be learning in Kung Fu Republic. Enjoy the videos.



Kung Fu Republic and Master Wang is very experienced in providing Kung Fu course for kids. For kids, learning Kung Fu is an excellent way to develop a child’s self esteem and confidence while promoting fitness, coordination, flexibility and balance. There are also mental benefits such as respect, responsibility, courage and discipline. The best thing for kids is that it’s fun and a great way to channel their natural energy.



Kung Fu Republic is a kung fu martial arts school in Sydney Australia. It was first founded at Sydney NSW Australia in 2000 and was named as Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy. The founder is Master Wang Yunkuo, this video is Master Wang performing Taoist Taiyi Tai Chi.



In recent years, Master Wang with his Sydney students achieved many Gold medals in both national or international competitions. Watch how his young student performed in Oceania Kung Fu Wu Shu Championships 2012.



San Da, Sparring & Chin Na are the best fighting and self defence techniques. Watch how you can protect yourself from this San Da tournament. Of course, one of the participant (in red) come from Kung Fu Republic.



This is a 30 seconds short video of young kid students played in a sparring competition.



This video demonstrates a fighting system that is currently being taught in Kung Fu Republic.



This is a tournament video of a kid student participating in Oceania Kung Fu Wu Shu Championships 2012, after joining the weapons training course.



Watch Master Kung teaching in his Kids Kung Fu training class. And how their parents said about Kung Fu Republic.



Shifu Wang teaches elementary chin na against hand grabs. He first started training with his grandfather at 5 years old and learnt from various masters in the Shandong province for the next 25 years. He is now giving Chin Na training (or self defense) at Kung Fu Republic.



Watch these 2 pretty ladies sharing their experience in Kung Fu learning and demonstrating techniques that they have learnt. 



Watch Master Wang showing a few Chin Na and Self-defense techniques that you can use to protect yourself.



Watch Master Wang and Kung Fu Republic’s students performed in various occasions.